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HRA Market Response Poll

Updated: May 22, 2020

Jim Baker of Lundy Group was my mentor as I entered the world of commercial real estate in 2009. During the Great Recession, Jim provided a valuable steadiness for our team, clients, tenants, and vendors. He would often share a personal mantra that reflected what he lived every day. A rising tide lifts all ships. Jim's mantra remains one of the most important leadership lessons I strive to emulate.

Perspectives of economic engines. West Monroe Partners conducted a revealing COVID-19 Market response poll that offered an important glimpse of how larger companies are responding to the challenges of COVID-19. One of their significant findings was that a dramatic shift in how we will work in the future is here now, with additional impacts on the horizon. However, the poll's focus was on major companies. Given that these organizations are important economic engines that symbiotically transact with Main Street and the middle-market, they contribute heavily to our own economic well-being. Local organizations need to understand their direction as much as our own.

A rising tide lifts all ships. For Main Street and middle-market companies lacking the deep well of resources of corporate behemoths, capturing the hyperlocal perspective takes a "little" effort. These businesses still benefit from similar perspectives and a wide range of insights and data points to inform their strategic planning and execution efforts. Undoubtedly, the collective contribution of Main Street and middle-market businesses are equally important to our region's economic vitality. So, let's lift all ships. We want to hear from you.

Housekeeping. Responses will be compiled and we'll happily share the findings. We will NOT disclose specific details that identify any company or individual respondent. If you will benefit from this effort, please participate via the link below. *Once a critical mass of responses is achieved, results will be analyzed and distributed via e-mail.

Pro Tip: Use this poll as a basis for communicating to stakeholders and shareholders. Creditors, partners, investors, customers, and employees all need to hear from you. Give them what they need so they too can seek the wave of opportunity propelled by that rising tide.

In gratitude and remembrance of Jim Baker for an immeasurable contribution to the rising tide demonstrative of the American spirit.


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