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Whether a point of pride or family symbol, a generational burden, potential windfall, or a retirement hedge, owners and investors, past and present, face similar entrepreneurial concerns.  Unlike the past, today’s technological innovation and evolution follows an exponential trajectory that is driving the status quo nearer to extinction. The new norm of constant change, born of the IoT era, is pushing owners and users of commercial space to modernize their workflow and occupancy strategies. As landlords and sellers seek to predict tomorrow, the entrepreneurial spirit again burns white hot.


At HRA, we stay inspired by your evolving vision as a commercial space provider, from landlords, owner-operators, to end-users. We integrate the latest marketing methods, modern technology and best practices for transaction management, subleasing, full service strategy, consultation, and representation. 

6 days a week, 

On-call consultation

Comprehensive, data driven client centered, management, and transaction support.

Full service sales or leasing strategy for performing, non-performing, vacant, and distressed assets.

Best-of-Practice marketing and sales engagement to maximize cash flow and ROI.

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