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....Because Of The Brave

Nothing in life is ever truly free; someone always foots the bill. This reality deeply resonates among Americans who gather with friends and family in various expressions of freedom as are part of the American experience. A moment contemplating the monumental task of freedom drives me to ponder history.

Remarkably, against the odds, a sustained dedicated effort has prevailed.

Our history is undoubtedly built upon sacrifice that can be simultaneously heartbreaking while overwhelmingly beautiful and inspiring. Marking the tangible start of our nation’s efforts, the Declaration of Independence, written in 1776, advanced the ideas of our Constitution, placing the world on notice that America would govern herself. Not until June 21, 1788, when New Hampshire ratified the Constitution, did a unified nation officially emerge under a sovereign government of and by the people. Over a decade of deliberation, diligence, and debate was required to solidify the framework of our “more perfect union” and enshrine our sovereignty in our Constitution of the United States for all time. Since that day, the people’s blood, sweat, innovation, and sacrifice, through mixed tears of joy, tribulation, and triumph have honed and preserved our freedom into a nation of opportunity.

Today, it is Memorial Day 2021. Today, we remember and honor the selfless and intentional sacrifices of the brave that have built and preserved our foundation for such immense opportunity for all. Honor the fallen and their sacrifices best by exercising the freedom and sovereignty for which they paid the ultimate price.

Today, is Memorial Day, 2021. We are the United States of America. We are free because of the brave. And our best days are those when we intentionally exercise our freedom.


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